Gestalt Therapy embraces a client's physical, psychological, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual experience. It is a creative, embodied and relational approach where a client's experience is seen in the context of their environment and the complete situation they live in.


The relationship between the therapist and client is central to Gestalt Therapy and the focus in therapy is on meeting, understanding and supporting the client and their needs.


Gestalt Therapy is grounded in the present moment and attends to an individual's sensations, movements, feelings, behaviour, intuition, dreams and thoughts. It is through living in the here and now and developing self awareness that a client is able to explore fresh ways to interact with others and deal with life's uncertainties.

Therapy can enhance the quality of a client's relationships, increase confidence, improve health and well-being, and bring freedom and inner peace. It can enable a client to discover who they are and fully express themselves in body, mind and spirit to live a meaningful and passionate life.


Psychotherapy can assist clients in many areas including: 

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Addiction

  • Grief, Loss and Separation

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Breakdown

  • Spiritual or Existential Issues

  • Behavioural Problems

"My sessions with Justine were moments I looked forward to and left feeling very blessed by...I had a safe space to authentically share whatever was coming from deep within...The repeated sessions offered further depth of exploration and a beautiful narrative of pictures communicated my growth, wisdom and action. Justine held space for me compassionately and with focused attention. This allowed me to observe my insecurities of feeling boring or heavy, releasing them away and opening to the beautiful complicated depths of myself that deserve exploration and acknowledgement. I am so grateful for the regular sessions that I attended over a number of months as I truly feel it has supported me in the important unfolding of my life, dreams and personal truth." Talitha

Therapy sessions are room based and are usually between 1 and 1.5 hours. They are offered in Buderim and Mapleton.​